About a month ago, mid-November electro / hip-hop / pop duo Charisma.com announced that they will start the year with a Best Of album… and such announcements are not always a good sign, as best of albums often mark an end of an era, but most people weren’t really suspicious, as they’ve been around for a while with a lot of releases behind their backs, so actually it was actually time to drop a greatest hits kinda release. Later on they released a music video for the new track Ribbon to be included on the album and even its coffin and death theme wasn’t interpreted as a bad sign by most… but then, a couple of days ago they finally announced that Charisma.Best will indeed mark an end of an era for them and possibly and end altogether.

After the best album drops on the 10th of January they will play two more shows, one in Osaka and one in Tokyo and then go on an indefinite hiatus. The official reason states that it is because Gonchi, the duo’s DJ will quit the music industry to work in her family’s business. It is not yet clear what the duo’s other half, Itsuka will be doing after this, but as she has some other projects as well and does featuring works once in a while, she will most probably remain active as an MC. Anyways, it will be sad to see the duo go, as they were one of the most interesting new groups to show up on the Japanese pop music scene in the last couple of years. They formed back in 2011, had their first EP out in 2013 followed by an album a year later and then, in 2015 they signed a major deal. Their music was an extremely unique mixture of many styles ranging from hip-hop to electro pop and they were an important part of a new generation of acts that finally managed to bring some new colors to a somewhat stagnating scene.

Scroll down for the best of album’s promo clip, the new music video, the track list and, as a bonus, a couple of photos from their double performance at the Moshi Moshi Nippon festival in Paris in 2015.

Charisma.BEST – Charisma.com Best Album 2013-2018
02.サプリミナル・ダイエット (Subliminal Diet)
04.Like it
05.メンヘラブス (menhera busu)
06.イイナヅケブルー (iinazuke blue)
07.もや燃やして (moya moyashite)
10.Hello 2
11.グララ (gurara)
12.やれよ。 (yare yo.)
13.Train HELL
14.メキメキmore (mekimeki more)
15.スーパーガール (Super Girl)
16.アラサードリーミン (arasa Dreamin)
17.こんがらガール (kongara Girl)
18.お局ロック (Otubone Rock)
19.りぼん (Ribbon)