80kidz was one of the three acts (along with The Lowbrows and Dexpistols), that pretty much revolutionized Japan’s club scene with their excellent tracks and fresh take on electro house around 2008, but now, nearly ten years later they are the only ones still active. Over the years they considerably toned down their sound and became more of an electro pop / electro clash act, however in 2013 they finally returned to their roots and released a series of four EPs called 80:01, 80:02 and so on, filled with heavy club bangers and an omnipresent old school rave influence. Since then they came out with some other “regular” releases (which were also much better than their output from the previous years) and now they will return to the 80:XX series with four new EPs!

The monthly releases will start mid-January and if they will follow the same pattern they did in 2013, there should be a CD edition as well, collecting all four EPs sometimes later this year. There are no samples yet from the new tracks, but here are the ones for the first four EPs and if they are any indication of what is awaiting us, we are definitely in for a treat!

Updated: The digital only EP is coming out today and the label uploaded a sample from all three tracks. And while Reversed Note is considerably softer in tone than anything from the first set of 80:XX releases, the other two tunes (No Wave and Butter) put things back on track with hard, old-school, European style house / techno sound. So, it sounds pretty good so far!