I am a bit late with this news, as this tour has already started, but I just heard about it and it is big news, so, here we go anyways: Ill Sugi (sometimes referred to as Nasty Ill Brother S.U.G.I.) a prominent underground hip-hop producer & beatmaker, working on the jazzy & boom bap segment of the scene, that’s centered around the Jazzy Sport and DogEarr labels is on a European tour right now! During the last couple of years he released dozens of albums and mixtapes (just check out his bandcamp page), including some with the most well known beatmaker of the scene, Budamunk. Their latest work together was last year’s Spirit Of The Golden Era and Ill Sugi’s latest release is Balance Of Game, as part of the Cockroacheee’z crew, that came out just a few days ago.

And now he joined up with Midori from Paris’ Menace crew to go on a short European tour with the following dates:

Ill Sugi & Midori: Kyodai Tour
2017.01.06 – UK, London: Echoes
2017.01.07 – Sweden, Stockholm: Underbron
2017.01.09 – Switzerland, Zurich: Kasheme
2017.01.10 – Gammarth: Waxbar
2017.01.11 – France, Paris: (secret place)
2017.01.12 – Norway, Oslo: Oslovelo
2017.01.13 – France, Paris: International
2017.01.14 – France, Nantes: Le Canotier

Ill Sugi @ bandcamp / facebook / instagram / soundcloud

Check ’em out of you can and here is a what you can expect from Ill Sugi: