Yet another Merzbow release! The sixth (!) for this year and this one comes from UK experimental label Hypnagogia, that started back in 1999 and released a couple of Merzbow / The New Blockaders collabs in the past, plus two solo CDs: Kamadhenu and Surabhi back in 2011. As a part of Merzbow’s long line of animal rights related releases, the latter two dealt with the the cow protection of the Vedic religion and were supposed to be the first two chapters of a trilogy (that the label aptly calls Merzcow Trilogy). But then, the final installment got delayed… news surfaced back in 2015, that it should be out by the end of that year, but that did not happen. However now, finally the trilogy is complete and the third part, Gomata is out! The album includes four tracks, all of them over 15 minutes long, that were recorded back in 2015 and the it is released on CD, comes in a digipak and is limited to 200 copies.

02.Dharma the Bull
03.One Leg Kaliyug Bull