The God Of Noise is back with yet another release (it is already getting difficult to keep track, but if I am correct, it is his seventh this year… check the previous ones here) and this one looks very interesting. And very limited as well, as it will be available in only 23 hand-numbered lathe cut vinyl copies! Biorhythm will be a split 12″ with one track by Merzbow and one by Qdor, an Italian act, that is described as a “new ritual-oriented cult from Friûl / north-east Italy” in the press release, that also sheds some light on the album’s concept:

“The common point by those two very different projects in this release is the interest in animal beings. In that specific case a Pidgeon (in Merzbow vision, who explicited his love for animals and manage a cruelty free life) and a Worm (an angelic animal in Qdor’s cult). The tracks are the identifications in these two animals and their biorhythms, also considering the relation between the Bird and the Geon, and the Worm and his Angelic origin.”

There is a sample up on youtube from both tracks (check below) and while the Merzbow one sounds like a wonderfully uncomfortable listen, the one by Qdor wanders into atmospheric ritual industrial territories. Biorhythm will be out on the 29th of Aprils and will be a joint release by Italy’s Old Europa Cafe and Qenchytraeus Buchholzi and is already up for pre-order at the OEC website for 39 euros.

Merzbow / Qdor: Biorhythm
A.Merzbow: Pi-Geon
B.QDOR: Ga-Worm