FAMM’IN, the unit made up of singer-songwriter, Yup’in and members of two girl groups, FAKY and the wonderfully strange duo, FEMM is finally back with a new music video! Finally, as the new track, Animus was lost in Limbo for about half a year: back in October it was already mentioned in the interview I did with FEMM and they unleashed previews as well soon afterwards, but then nothing happened for a long while. Until a couple of weeks ago when new teasers popped up and finally they released the music video, that sees the girls dancing on a huge, fancy, LED-heavy stage. Interestingly, the cool CG animation from the original teasers was reduced to being a background video displayed on the huge LED walls behind them, but still, the video looks nice. The song follows the same “gagaku trap” style as their previous track, Circle from last year, so it mixes heavy trap beats with elements lifted from Japanese traditional music, but while Circle was a laid-back, atmospheric song, Animus is more of a hard-hitter. The choreography was done by the Hidali group, the music by the Radical Hardcore Clique and the video premiered on UK’s Dazed. So, check it out below and look forward to the digital single’s release tomorrow!