Boris released its first album called Absoltego in 1996 with one hour long track. And now, 21 years later and 25 years after their formation, they came full circle and their new album will yet again include a song called Absolutego, that not only shares title with the classic album, but also returns to the insanely heavy and noisy sludge of their early works with layers upon layers of guitar feedback. The album called Dear also serves as a kind of a thank you letter for fans, especially as it could have been the last ever Boris album… the band started to feel that they’ve done everything they could during their long career, but last year’s PINK tour re-energized them and they decided to go on. Dear will feature 10 tracks and it will be released on Daymare Recordings on the 12th of July, hitting the stores worldwide two days later thanks to Sargent House (however the international edition will not have the bonus CD with three extra songs that comes with the Daymare version). Pre-orders for the international CD and vinyl edition are already open here and the band also uploaded a music video for the new Absolutego:

01.D.O.W.N -Domination of Waiting Noise-
03.Absolutego -絶対自我-
04.Beyond -かのひと-
05.Kagero -蜉蝣-
06.Biotope -ビオトープ-
07.The Power
08.Memento Mori
09.Dystopia -Vanishing Point / 何処へ-

CD 2 [Japanese Edition Bonus Disc]
02.Evil Perspective
03.DOWN – Domination of Waiting Noise- (Full Version)