Last week, almost exactly a year after the release of Illuminate, their first full length, Shadows announced that they will drop their second album late May and as a preview and special treat, they released three tracks, Still Remember, The Lost Song and Sway as free downloads. These are available on their website and they follow the band’s trademark sound, that mixes melodic punk rock with hardcore and metalcore influences. The album, called Torches will have 12 songs, will hit the stores on the 24th and it seems that it will be available in only one version, so, no limited edition with an extra DVD this time.

Updated (2018.06.08): The new music video for Still Remember is out… today!

01 Flare
02 Vices
03 Still Remember
04 My Direction
05 The Lost Song
06 Sway
07 Overcome
08 Under My Skin
09 Hallucinate
10 Starting Over
11 Stars
12 Candles