Yesterday Koda Kumi released a new music video from a track called Party, promoting her upcoming album AND that will be out at the end of the month… and which will be only the first of two albums she is releasing this year. Last year she also had two albums out when she dropped W Face -inside- and W Face -outside- the same day back in March, however this time it won’t be a double release, so the other album will be out sometime later in 2018. And it seems they won’t be as musically different as the W Face ones, where one was all about ballads and mid-tempo pop, while the other included (mostly) party tracks and up-tempo songs. And well, those albums were not very good unfortunately, but since then Koda dropped three quite decent singles and a damn proper remix album, so, let’s hope AND will keep up that quality and see her return to the glorious days of her Japanesque / Bon Voyage era.

For some weird reason, they decided to exclude Hush, the best one of the three single cuts, however the new track, Party delivers what its title promises and is better than pretty much anything out of the W Face albums. AND will be out in four versions, including a fanclub only CD+3DVD edition, plus three retail ones: one with only the 10 track CD and two others with optional DVD or Blu-ray that includes music videos and a making of movie.

02.Sweet Taboo
03.Got Me Going’
05.Outta My Head
06.Never Enough
07.All Right
10.It’s My Life

01.Lit (Music Video)
02.Lit -Dance Version- (Music Video)
03.Never Enough -Special Version- (Music Video)
04.Party (Music Video)
05.Making Film