Inshow-ha (印象派, sometimes also referred to as Inshouha or Inshōha), the Osaka based duo of Mica and Miu started back in 2010 and even though they already released several singles and mini albums and built up a solid fanbase over the years,  they will only release their first full length this autumn. Their music mixes electro pop with elements lifted straight from the golden age of Shibuya-kei and the result is a very unique and catchy sound, that is well represented in their latest track, Lemon… that is actually a bit more upbeat than most of their earlier songs, but at its core it still has the lingering feel of old-school Shibuya-kei that gives it a lovely retro feel. And as all their music videos, the one for Lemon also has amusingly weird visuals as you can see below. The album itself will be released on the 4th of October and at this point there is only info about digital stores, so I am not sure if it will be out on CD as well…? Anyways, it will have 10 tracks, including  Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! mo iccho Kiss!, that was already released as a digital single back in February. So, check out the details, the new music video and the teaser for Kiss! below!

Inshōha wa kimi ni toikakeru (印象派は君に問いかける)
01.檸檬 [le:mon]
06.連れてって [Ver.1.5]