It seems that Balázs Pándi is not the only Hungarian who works more and more with Japanese noise acts, as it was announced recently that infamous noise / spoken word solo artist Halalnihil and Japan’s Yasuhito Fujinami will put out a split cassette EP together in Febuary. Halalnihil already worked with another Japanoise solo project, Yasutoshi Yoshida‘s Government Alpha when they released 2013’s Inhuman Culture Of Psychoacoustics split CD., but while G.A. is a renowned name on the Japanese noise scene, Fujinami belongs to the newest generation, having released his first works only about two years ago. The untitled split will be out on Hungary’s The Level of Vulnerability label (which actually already released Submission, another a tape by Fujinami a few months ago) and will cost 8 EUR on cassette, 3 EUR digitally and can be pre-ordered here. The stream is not yet up on bandcamp, but it is available on the label’s youtube channel, so you can check that out below as well, along with the track listing. And for more on Fujinami, check out this interview with him!

Halalnihil / Yasuhito Fujinami split
A1.Halalnihil: Különböző Szintek
A2.Halalnihil: Korrumpálható
B.Yasuhito Fujinami: Violence of Existence Itself