Hiroshi Hasegawa, best known as a member of seminal noise acts C.C.C.C. and Astro will play a couple of shows in Europe during June covering three countries: Austria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic! There is no full tour schedule posted anywhere, his official site only says “2018.6.5〜15 Hiroshi Hasegawa Prague, Slovenia, Vienna Tour” along a couple of fliers, so the below list might not be complete, but that’s what I could gather from various sources:

2018.06.06 – Slovenia, Ljubljana: Kino Šiška (fb event)
2018.06.07 – Slovenia, Maribor: Studio Glas Podzemlja (fb event)
2018.06.08/09 – Slovenia, Trbovlje: Vašhava RTH / Zasavje Noisefest International 2018 (fb event)
2018.06.11 – Austria, Graz: Forum Stadtpark (with Manuel Knapp and Now Sports)(fb event)
2018.06.12 – Austria, Vienna: Rhiz (fb event)
2018.06.13 – Czech Republic, Prague: A(void) Floatig Gallery / Noise Zone XIV (fb event)