Since their formation in 1995 doom / sludge heavy weights Church Of Misery already had many drastic lineup changes, including switching vocalists several times and shortly after their EU tour in 2014 things got messy again, when everyone besides bassist / leader / founding member Tatsu Mikami left the band. Fortunately it did not stop him for long: by 2015 he recruited guitarist Yasuto Muraki and singer Hiroyuki Takano, but he eventually recorded the next album, 2016’s And Then There Were None… with US musicians. In 2017 new full time drummer Junichi Yamamura joined them and they finally resumed touring.

They already visited Europe last autumn and now they will return to cover the rest of the continent in a double tour, that includes both festival and club shows: the first part will start late April and last till mid-May and then they will return late June for another round. The full schedule for the first part was already announced, so you can check the flyer and the dates below and as for the second part: it is still in the works at the moment, what we know so far is that it will include a show at Hellfest in France and a club gig in Budapest early July. So, check this space or their website for updates later on!

Church of Misery European Tour 2018, Part 1
2018.04.27 – Spain, Gran Canaria: Maspalomas: Sala la choza
2018.04.29 – Portugal, SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2018
2018.04.30 – Germany, Dortmund: JunkYard
2018.05.01 – Germany, Saarbrücken: Garage
2018.05.02 – Netherlands, Haarlem: Patronaat
2018.05.03 – Netherlands, Eindhoven: Effenaar
2018.05.04 – Germany, Berlin: Arena Treptow: Desertfest 2018
2018.05.05 – UK – London: Desertfest 2018
2018.05.06 – Belgium, Diksmuide: 4AD
2018.05.07 – Germany, Osnabrück: Bastard Club
2018.05.08 – Germany, Nürnberg: Z-Bau
2018.05.09 – Switzerland, Winterthur: Gaswerk
2018.05.10 – France, Toulouse: Le Rex Club
2018.05.11 – Spain, Barcelona: Rocksound
2018.05.12 – Spain, Madrid: Sala La Riviera: Kristonfest 2018

Church of Misery European Tour 2018, Part 2
2018.06.22 – France, Clisson: Hellfest Open Air Festival 2018
2018.06.23 – Belgium, Brussels: Magasin 4
2018.06.24 – Germany, Cologne: Jungle-Club
2018.06.25 – Germany, Cottbus: Zum Faulen August
2018.06.27 – Italy, Bologna: Freakout Club
2018.06.28 – Italy, Milano: Santeria Social Club
2018.06.29 – tba
2018.06.30 – Italy, Trieste: Kulturni Dom Prosek Kontovel
2018.07.01 – Austria, Vienna: Arena
2018.07.02 – Hungary, Budapest: Robot
2018.07.03 – Austria, Linz: Kapu
2018.07.04 – Germany, Wiesbaden: Schlachthof
2018.07.05 – Germany, Munich: Backstage
2018.07.06 – Austria, Nikolsdorf: Stick and Stone Fest 2018