Goth-Trad‘s Tokyo-based dubstep party series, Back To Chill is a perfect springboard for DJs and producers on their way from the domestic scene to international fame: ENA had his big break after he joined the BTC crew and recently Helktram is getting more and more attention as well, along with 100mado, who is probably the crew’s most steady member besides Goth-Trad himself. And then there is Dubtro: his releases on UK’s Mindstep Music became DJ and fan favorites and this April his mix for Trusik also received a lot of praise. The mix (also available for download) was published along an interview and it mostly contains yet unreleased music from him and his close friend Karma, plus two of their joint tracks: Flee In The Fog which came out on Innamind Recordings last year and an unreleased one:

DUBTRO: Iron March
DUBTRO: Spanner
DUBTRO: Determined
E3: To The End
DUBTRO: Beginner
DUBTRO: Blue World
KARMA: Static
E3: To The End [El Mahdy Jr. RMX]
KARMA: Smear Dub VIP
KARMA: Bumba
KARMA & DUBTRO: Flee In The Fog