Last September the Los Angeles based noise / grindcore band Sissy Spacek did a seven date Japan tour that included a show at Akihabara’s Club Goodman, where they played a show with Hijokaidan and MikaTen (the latter being a project of Toshiji Mikawa of Hijokaidan / Incapacitants fame and former BiS member underground idol girl Tentenko). All groups played their individual sets, but they also joined the stage all at once to play together, which sound like a pretty damn amazing thing… and now we will get a chance to listen to what happened there, as the live recording will be released on CD and vinyl late June!

Titled Entropic, the album will be out on Helicopter, a US label run by Sissy Spacek member John Wiese (who is also the member of Smegma and several other bands and who worked with nearly all of the well known Japanoise acts, including Pain Jerk, Guilty Connector, MSBR, KK. Null and Merzbow) and the official release date is the 25th of June. The vinyl’s A side will feature Amok Time and Seven Directions, the tracks that Hijokaidan and Sissy Spacek did together and on the second one Tentenko also makes a guest appearance. B side is occupied by Twenty-Five Fragments by the US band, that is cut together from various recordings done during their 2018 US and Japan tours. The CD edition however contains one additional track: Hijokaidan’s full live set from the Club Goodman show.

2019.06.25 / CD, vinyl, digital
01.Hijokaidan / Sissy Spacek: Amok Time
02.Hijokaidan / Sissy Spacek: Seven Directions
03.Sissy Spacek: Twenty-Five Fragments
04.Hijokaidan: Live At Akihabara Club Goodman