FAKY, one of the best J-Pop girl groups lost one member late last year when former lead singer Anna decided to quit and concentrate on her acting career, however by the time of her farewell show in December they already found and introduced her two replacements: Taki and Hina. While Taki is a new girl on the scene, some people were already familiar with Hina, who was previously in Def Will, a girl group that was launched in 2016 as “the next big thing” by the once successful producer Tetsuya Komuro. The girls were talented, but still, they were doomed to fail as they were left with an album full of uninspired pop tunes and without any promotion. They lasted only two years and had their farewell show on 2018.07.21 at an event where they performed alongside several other girl pop acts… including FAKY. So it was actually not that much of a surprise to see one of the girls join them after Anna left (fun fact: another excellent group, BananaLemon also performed that night, later they also lost a member around the same time as FAKY and she was also replaced by an ex-Def Will girl). Anyways… back on topic:

So, the new girls are not really new as they have been with the band for a while now, however there were no new releases since they joined… until yesterday, when the group’s new digital single, Girls Gotta Live hit the online stores. And they announced that the uptempo tune is actually the first installment of their new, Girl Power themed dance pop single trilogy, so the group is finally back on track! And of course Girls Gotta Live also got its own music video, which suits the song perfectly with its colorful and flashy visuals: