These two just never take a break! Even thought it has already been an extremely busy year for them, both Dayzero and Karnage are back with new releases yet again!

After all those releases this summer Dayzero just dropped his latest EP today! This time joining forces with N-Type‘s label Wheel & Deal Records he delivered three deep and heavy bangers: the opening title track Dagger 3, the aptly titled Dinosaur Age and the closing The Lord Boy, that became an instant favorite when he uploaded it to Soundcloud as a preview about a month ago. Dagger 3 is available from Beatport, iTunes and Juno!

Dagger 3
01.Dagger 3
02.Dinosaur Age
03.The Lord Boy

Meanwhile Karnage returns to his roots: a couple of years ago he broke into the scene with a series of tracks and releases he did with MarkIV and now he is back with his US buddy again for a couple of brand new tunes! Their new release, Vena will be out on Vomitspit, the label run by him and Dayzero and the title track will feature Tina Marie on vocals. Dropping next week, the album is already up for pre-orders on Beatport along with the song samples and judging from those this time Karnage mostly abandons the harder, more experimental sound he came to be known for and goes to a lot more mellow and laid-back direction. Besides four new tracks, the release also features three remixes of the main track: Dayzero makes it even more laid-back, Repulsion adds a jazzy touch, while Trisicloplox takes it all apart with a noisy and abstract take. Right now Vena is only listed on Beatport, but it will be available on Bandcamp as well.

01.Vena feat. Tina Marie
02.Lost Sanctuary
05.Vena feat. Tina Marie (Dayzero Remix)
06.Vena feat. Tina Marie (Trisicloplox Remix)
07.Vena feat. Tina Marie (Replusion Remix)