For a long-long time, right up to its last ever installment in 2018 Contagious Orgasm was a regular guest at Maschinenfest, the famous industrial / power noise / experimental festival in Germany. And now, a bit more than a year after the last event, CO bids its farewell to the long-standing festival with two new releases.

A couple of days ago the Berlin based Raubbau label issued Contagious Orgasm’s last performance at the festival: Live At Maschinenfest 2018, which is out on cassette and digital with five tracks and a 40+ minutes running time.
This is kind of a follow-up to another Raubbau cassette from last year, when they released CO’s Machinenfest performance from 2008, so it is a great chance to compare the two and see how much the project’s live sound changed in a decade. Both versions are available on the label’s Bandcamp page and while the digital edition costs 8.80 euro, the physical version is just a bit more expensive with its 10 euro price tag.

Live At Maschinenfest 2018
2019.11.20 / cassette, digital
01.Afterglow 10:18
02.Operation-blue 06:54
03.Exploration And Seeking 1 05:22
04.Exploration And Seeking 2 09:46
05.Mineral 05:58
06.Firewalker 06:31

Over the years Contagious Orgasm also supplied several exclusive tracks to the festival’s compilation CD series and now that the festival is gone all these were bundled together and were made available by CO leader Hiroshi Hashimoto‘s own label SSSM… as a free download album on Bandcamp! We Are Maschinenfest compiles all six of these tracks and just as the live release, it also gives a very good overview of the project’s evolution, covering the years between 2001 and 2018.

We Are Maschinenfest
2019.11.14 / digital
01.The Gut-Wringing Machine (Maschinenfest 2001) 04:42
02.Your ID (Maschinenfest 2005) 02:49
03.Moshi Moshi (Maschinenfest 2008) 04:04
04.Let’s Decorate A Flower (Maschinenfest – The 10th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration Present 2008) 03:10
05.Sleep Sleep (Maschinenfest 2011) 03:46
06.Beautiful Last Lamplight (Maschinenfest 2018) 04:52

And on a slightly related note: CO recently also uploaded a preview song called Cold Tube. Funk Mix from an upcoming new release. At this point all we know about this one is that it is going to be a cassette out on SSSM sometime next year… and based on this track it will be amongst the project’s more experimental, yet accessible releases: