Band-Maiko started out as all-girl rock group Band-Maid‘s side project last spring with a digital single called Secret Maiko Lips, which got its own music video as well, that ended up on the bonus DVD accompanying the band’s next single, Start Over a few moths later. While everyone guessed that this was only a one-off project, Band-Maiko eventually made a surprise comeback a few days ago with a music video for a new track called Gion-cho and a mini album hitting the stores today. The self-titled mini comes with seven tracks in total, including last year’s fan favorite Secret Maiko Lips and the rest of the songs continue in the same vein, so, they are mixing the group’s trademark melodic rock sound with a hint of traditional Japanese music, while the video (that comes with English subs!) sees the girls switching their usual maid costumes to kimonos yet again:

01.Secret MAIKO lips
02.虎and虎 (Tora And Tora)
06.すくりーみんぐ (Screaming)
07.祇園町 (Goin-cho)

01.祇園町 (Goin-cho) Music Video
02.祇園町 (Goin-cho) Making of Music Video