Back in 2018 with the excellent Girls Gone Wild and Look At Me, Look At Me BananaLemon seemed to be building up to be a possible “next big thing”, but then things slowed down and they kept a somewhat low profile ever since. They dropped two more songs the following year (#slaysian & #slapanese @ YouTube) and that’s about it. Now however one of their 2018 tunes made a surprise return… as the background music in the trailer for the latest Sims 4 expansion pack! The popular game’s new expansion called Snowy Escape has a Northern Japanese winter getaway theme, so it is more than fitting to use a J-Pop track, but still, it is a very welcome surprise that they ended up with Look At Me, Look At Me of all songs.

The weird thing however is that even though it could be a great opportunity for the group to gain some new followers, it was not at all mentioned at any of their social media accounts. They however recently announced on Twitter that they will start holding regular Instagram live events in the near future, but no further info about that (or any possible new releases for that matter) was announced so far.