This April Miyavi will be back again in Europe, but it seems that he switched companies and now the tour is handled by MyMusicTaste, a Korean company with a pretty bad reputation and an emphasis on ripping fans off. All of Miyavi’s previous European tours had 10+ dates, this one has only five and for now the links in the announcement, that should direct you to more info just land you on MMT’s standard “Make This Event” (that usually translates to”give us money for nothing“) pages, so there is no info at all about ticket prices and such at this point. Anyways, here are the dates and venues:

2017.04.19 – France, Paris: Yoyo
2017.04.21 – UK, London: ULU Live
2017.04.24 – Germany, Berlin: Kesselhaus
2017.04.26 – Poland, Warsaw: Proxima
2017.04.27 – Russia, Moscow: Izvestia Hall