UK’s Fuzz Club Records just dropped a live recording from last year’s Roadburn Festival which features the joint performance of Minami Deutsch and the one and only Damo Suzuki, the singer of Can, legendary German krautrock pioneers from Germany. Mastered by James Plotkin and out on clear 10″ vinyl that is limited to 500 copies, the EP documents a unique meeting of two generations of Japanese krautrock heroes: the founding father himself and one of the best groups from the new breed that was influenced by the singer’s classic recordings. Unfortunately (and as expected) the 10″ sold out instantly, however the digital version is still available from the label’s bandcamp page for the very friendly price of £3.

Minami Deutsch & Damo Suzuki: Live At Roadburn
1.Part I / 10:19
2.Part II / 05:14
3.Part III / 07:01