Karnage is back with a new release, but this time it is different from what we usually get from him. As instead of deep and heavy dubstep, now he dropped two tracks that venture into noise and experimental music territories… but still, with a definitive dubstep flavour! The new tracks were released on cassette in a limited edition of 40 copies, out on Ten Thousand Tapes… a label that has a very unique working method:

Generally when music is released, it comes in the form of CDs, vinyl records, and audio files which are all copies of the same master source. The way our label works is different. We dub the master source to a cassette tape, then use the dubbed tape as the master for the next tape, which in turn is then used as the source for the next tape… Resulting in each tape to sound differently (each time a new copy is made, the audio quality is “degraded”) thus making each a one of a kind copy.

So, you can never really know exactly what you gonna get, however all their cassettes come with a download code as well, so you will also have access to the original master recordings anyways. You can get a copy of the release on bandcamp and listen to the samples below courtesy of Karnage’s soundcloud:


Death is Above Us
2017.10.04 (TTT-004)
Side A: A Hymn to the Dismal World
Side-B: Claustration