The last time Incapacitants, the legendary noise duo and the Italian label Old Europa Cafe worked together was back in 1995, when they released D.D.D.D. – Destroy Devastating and Disgusting Derivatives, an hour long, cassette only album, but now they finally teamed up again! Even though the upcoming new album, titled Ostracized Enigmatic Conqueror does not have a set release date yet, it was already announced that it should be out sometime around late June and it can be already pre-ordered from the label thru their website, where samples are also available. This way you can help the label rise funds for production and can get the CD for 10 euros, instead of 13, which will be its final price once it is released. The CD, limited to 300 copies, will contain three tracks, that include two studio and one live recordings. By the way, this will be the band’s second release for this year, the first one, a joint project with The New Blockaders called As Anti As Possible came out early April.

Ostracized Enigmatic Conqueror
2019.06 / CD
01.Paraponera Attack
02.Financial Gerontautology
03.Ochiai Soup 20180210

On related news: the band (which is the duo of Fumio Kosakai and Toshiji Mikawa, both huge names in the noise scene on their own rights) launched its own Youtube channel this January and besides a series of live recordings from the last several years, they also uploaded a 40+ minutes long documentary. It is an in-depth look at the origins and history of Incapacitants, but they also talk about the equipment they use, how the members can fit together their private lives with all the performances and it gives an extremely interesting insight of the whole underground noise scene. And most importantly: it comes with embedded English subs! It is a must-watch for anyone interested in Japanoise: