After releasing a cover album last year, FEMM, Japan’s strangest pop duo is finally back with some new material! Their digital EP Dollhouse was released this Saturday and it was accompanied by two music videos, one for Plastic and one for Up Up & Away. Both were made in cooperation with Panasonic and display stunning digital technology and Up Up & Away is actually a live recording of their virtual performance at Panasonic’s booth at CES 2018. Musically both songs are a welcome return to the sound of FEMM’s early tunes and besides those two, we also get a handful of previews of things to come in form of several tracks marked as “work in progress”.

01 untitled 01 (work in progress)
02 Dead Of Night (work in progress)
03 Up Up & Away
04 Plastic
05 untitled 02 (work in progress)
06 Shibuya Ex Horologium (Adirector will write)
07 Boss (work in progress)