Linekraft, Masahiko Okubo‘s noise / industrial project is back with a new album called Engineering Analysis Of Inner Death out on Hospital Productions, a US label run by Dominick Fernow of Prurient fame. It was actually released about a month ago to coincide with Linekraft’s performance at the label’s own festival in New York on the 8th of December, but the international distribution of the album only started recently. Okubo’s been very busy during the last few years (he is also a supporting member of GRIM, plus one half of the duo Cazzokraft) and he is getting a lot of international attention with Linekraft thanks to his violent live performances at various festivals worldwide and his back-to-the-roots attitude. Besides the usual noise gear, he also uses scrap metal and oil drums at his shows, a practice that was quite common during the early days of the genre, but is a rare sight nowadays and also, his music is closer to power electronics than to typical, harsher Japanoise. The vinyl is available from the label’s website or from Tesco Organisation, if you are based in Europe, while the digital version is up on bandcamp.

Engineering Analysis of Inner Death
01.I Kill Society
03.Fuel Rod
04.Urban Deterioration
05.Cleans Chamber
06.Flesh Kills Flesh