Following the recent news about the upcoming European dates, GRIM also announced an upcoming release: Hermit Amen, which marks his return to Austrian label Steinklang Industries. Coming out mid-June it will be a collection of unreleased recordings that Mr. Konagaya did with Tascam Porta One, some more recent and some dating back to as early as the ’80s. Reportedly it will be a lot more quiet than his usual tribal industrial releases, as he said on his FB page “Hermit Amen is all melody music. Hermit Amen is quietly and deep. Hermit Amen is requiem by GRIM.” Out on vinyl with a 12 page 12″ size booklet, the pre-orders are already open on Bandcamp (along with two samples) and the album is available in 275 copies and in three different color variations.

Hermit Amen
01.Wolf Organ
03.Check 9 Point
04.Chant A Spell
05.Forest Swamp
06.Black Tears Choir