The deliciously weird new wave (well, if you can call it new wave… actually they are pretty hard to categorize) group Foxpill Cult already had a CD out earlier this year, but after that, the mini album called Romanation that hit the stores back in March, they already started to work on new songs and now they will be back with their 3rd full length! Title’s gonna be Homo Demens Man, the release date is 19th of October and while its gonna include the mini album’s title track, the rest of the twelve songs will be new ones. But there is more to it: it is quite usual in Japan to get some extras along with CDs when you buy a release in a specific store / record store chain and while they usually give away pins and such, they also quite often hand out bonus CD. And for this album, the Foxpill guys prepared two different bonus CDs for two different stores: if you buy it from Disk Union you will get a four track CD with solo works (I guess one track from each member) and if you get it from a Tower Records store you will get a different CD with five tracks called… “hip-hop track collection”? Sounds quite interesting. The band already released two music videos for the first two tracks of the album, so check those below along with the track list and the video for Romantion at the end, which was released back in February to promote the mini album.
(On a side note: live report of their gig at Ikebukuro Chop on 2016.09.09 is coming soon!)

Homo Demens Man
01.ファンタスティックプラネット (Fantastic Planet)
02.失われた範列 (ushinawareta hanretsu)
03.ホモ・デメンスM (Homo Demens M)
05.国景色 (kunigeshiki)
06.The Man Machine
07.作る人 (tsukuru hito)
08.盗作のルーデンス (tousaku no Ludens)
09.信じない (shinjinai / I Don’t Believe)
10.My Nirvana
11.What’s Happening Brother
12.記号図書館 (kigou toshokan)

Disk Union Solo Track Collection
04.音のない太陽 feat.紅日毬子 (Akahi Mariko)

Tower Records Hip-Hop Track Collection
05.It’ Raining in SUGINAMI