SudannaYuzuYully, a trio under the management company LDH started back in early 2017 and it includes three girls from the agency’s other groups: two from Happiness and one from their main girl act, E-Girls. They dropped two pretty solid singles with hip-hop influenced dance pop music (Oh Boy and Call Me Now) that year, then kinda disappeared… alongside LDH’s other girl acts (more about this below). But now they are finally back and their comeback track, Look At Me Now turned out to be pretty interesting. It was released today as a digital single along with a music video and the song takes the group’s pop / hip-hop sound to a whole new direction. Instead of doing another uptempo dance tune, they slowed down and embraced the trap sound, probably influenced by all the recent hits coming from the underground hip-hop scene. But beside this, the track also has occasional popish parts and mixes all that with a massive amount of traditional music influence and the result is quite interesting. Even if it isn’t that original: FAMM’IN, the side project of Avex acts FEMM, FAKY and solo singer Yupp’in also experimented with a very similar sound on its two singles, but Look At Me Now definitely takes it to a new level. The visually very striking music video is also a lot closer to the stuff we see from underground hip-hop acts, than anything we saw from LDH before. It will be interesting to see if it is just a one-off experiment for the agency or if they will eventually incorporate the trap influence to other songs as well.

And actually, this digital single also marks a new start for the girly part of LDH. Back in 2017 the agency rearranged its girl groups, there were some member changes, the longstanding Dream disbanded and fans guessed that this will mark a new beginning… but then nothing happened. 2018 was all about the boy groups: EXILE returned after its hiatus, they were pushing the new one, The Rampage pretty hard, they had a debut (Fantastics), there were some solo works and both Generations and JSB dropped a couple of releases, but besides the main group, E-Girls (and a solo single from former Dream member Ami), none of the girls did anything besides a few live appearances. However it seems that this will change in 2019 with the launch a massive tour called E.G.Power 2019 ~Power To The Dome~, lasting from February till May. It will include all their girl acts and it is supported by several new releases. Look At Me Now was the first of these and it will be followed by four more digital singles on a weekly basis: next week we gonna get a new one from Happiness and based on the title (Power Girls) it will follow their girl power concept and dance pop oriented sound. It will be followed by a track from Flower, a group mostly known for its ballads and mid-tempo pop tunes and then the series will end with two solo songs from ex-Dream members, Ami and Shizuka (the latter making her solo debut). Let’s hope that at least some of these will be as good as Look At Me Now and that this will really mark a new reboot for LDH’s girl acts.

Look At Me Now
01.Look At Me Now