Generations, a boyband that belongs to LDH, the agency that’s been busy turning the JPop industry upside down these last couple of years (read all about them in this feature from last year) will go on a World tour starting this May, that will have a few dates in Asia and the US before coming to Europe early June for two shows. On the 2nd, they will play at Troxy in London, while two days later they will be performing in Paris at Le Cigale. Oh and for a boyband, they have fairly reasonable prices as well (25 GBP for UK, 29 EUR for France).

Interestingly, while Generations’ first two singles were amongst the releases that marked the beginning of LDH’s move towards EDM and more edgy club music, they toned downed their sound later on and by now they are the LDH group that is closest to what we could call a “typical Japanese JPop boyband”. They do return to the club music sound once in a while though or experience with other directions, like a bit of rock influence… as they do on their upcoming single, taiyo mo tsuki mo (太陽も月も), out mid-April. Check out the music video for that one below, along with the tour dates and links.

2017.06.02 – UK, London: Troxy (tickets / more info)
2017.06.04 – France, Paris: Le Cigale (tickets / more info)