Hungarian drummer Balázs Pándi‘s been working with the biggest names of the Japanese noise / experimental music scene for years: he released several albums with Merzbow, he toured with KK. Null (and they also have a record coming out sometime) and his latest release, out on UK’s Rare Noise was a trio recording with Merzbow and Keiji Haino… and now he will have a short European tour with the later. Which is actually more like a Swedish tour with an additional stop in Poland with four dates altogether… also, in his facebook announcement, he mentioned that he has upcoming EU dates with both Merzbow and KK. Null! (Even thought it is not yet clear if the Merzbow dates are the same that were announced already or new ones).

Keiji Haino & Balázs Pándi – European duo tour
2016.10.03 – Poland, Wroclaw: Avant Art Festival
2016.10.05 – Sweden, Malmö
2016.10.06 – Sweden, Stockholm
2016.10.08 – Sweden, Gothenburg

Keiji Haino @ Koenji UFO, Tokyo, 2009
Keiji Haino @ Koenji UFO, Tokyo, 2009